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Esteres Metálicos de Ácidos Grasos 85% EC Drum 20L


Active Presentation
Hidracida Maleica 36%L Drum 20L


Active Presentation
Metam Amonio 60% SL Drum 20L
Metam Sodio 51% SL Drum 20L


Active Presentation
Azoxystrobina 20% + Cyproconazole 7% SC Drum 5L
Tebuconazole 43% EC Drum 5L


Active Presentation
2.4 EHE 89% EC Drum 20L
Cletodim 24% EC Drum 5L
Flumetsulan 80% WG Bag 1K
Flumioxazin 51% WG Bag 1K
Glifosato 54% SL Drum 20L
Imazaquin 10% SL Drum 5L
Imazetapir 10% Drum 20L
Metribuzin 48% SC Drum 20L
Paraquat 27.6% SL Drum 20L
Picloram 24% SL Drum 5L
S-Metolachlor 96% EC Drum 20L
Sulfentrazone 50% SC Drum 20L
Dicamba 48% SL Drum 5L
DIflufenican 50% SC Drum 5L


Active Presentation
Acetamiprid 20% SP Box 10x100g
Bifentrin 10% EC Drum 5L
Bifentrin 25% EC Drum 5L
Clorantraniliprole 4.5% + Abamectina 1.8% SC Bottle 1L
Imidacloprid 35% SC Bottle 1L
Lambdacialotrina 25% CS Drum 5L
Novaluron 5% + Bifentrin 5% SC Drum 5L
Thiametoxan 14.1% + Lambdacialotrina 10.6% SC Drum 5L



100% natural high-performance fertilizer based on potassium schoenite that combines a unique mixture rich in Potassium (K), Magnesium (Mg) and Sulfur (S). POTENCIA is 100% soluble. It can be applied foliarly, to the soil or by fertigation. Presentation: Bag of 25 kilos.

Crop Application time Dose (KG/HA)
Leaf, Fruit and Root Vegetables 60, 90, 120, 150, 180 days or technical criteria 15
Industrial Crops (Cotton, Linen, Etc) Pre-flowering, Flowering, Fruit set, Development 3
Pip Fruits (Apple, Etc) A pink button 5
Stone Fruit Trees (Peach, Etc) At the beginning of flowering 5
Cereals (Corn, Wheat) Pre-flowering, flowering, fruit set and grain development 3
Oilseeds (Soya, Sunflower) Pre-flowering, flowering, fruit set and seed development 3
Heavy Vegetables (Onion, Potato) 35, 45, 55, 65 days after planting 5
Floral A button Floral repeat every 10 days 3


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